Review: “Perchance to Dream” – Charles Beaumont

Review: “Perchance to Dream” – Charles Beaumont

New podcast book review episode!!

No Deodorant In Outer Space - podcast


S4E3B – Perchance to Dream (book)*


Wherein we discuss classic Twilight Zone writer Charles Beaumont and six stories of his turned into memorable episodes. I’m joined by returning guest, indie filmmaker, Mike O’Reilly (YouTube Channel:; oil painter, Andres Sercovich (Instagram:; and book reviewer, Kaelin O’Reilly (Kaelin Reads YouTube Channel: We recorded this podcast in-between attending lectures and film viewings at the annual Wildwood Film Festival ( that takes place in Appleton, Wisconsin where Mike was screening his short film drama “Volatile” later that night.

During our recording Andres talked about his interests in artificial intelligence themes and the consciousness of mankind which come up in “In His Image,” or the touching reflections of a life-lived found in “Song for a Lady.” Kaelin felt the social commentary on society in “The Beautiful People” both intriguing and disturbing and…

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