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First TV Appearance and FREE Day

I’m having a couple FREE days on Amazon for “The One Who Turned Them On” to celebrate my television debut (on 12/10/13 and 12/11/13).

My wonderful author friend, Lydia Ponczak, who hosts “News & Views” in Oak Forest, Illinois (USA) allowed me to come on her community television show and talk about my writings and new book. It was a great experience and I am very grateful to them for making it so. The show broadcasts to local community stations (Comcast channels 19 and 4; AT&T U-verse channel 99; Wowway channel 6) this evening, but you can watch it online here. Check it out:

“The One Who Turned Them On (The Energy Scavengers II)” get it here:

Story Synopsis: On a planet exclusively populated by alien robots, machines struggle to find purpose after abandonment by their creators. Kairos, the highly intelligent and massive weather-machine, monitors the world with cold academic curiosity atop of the great canyon system. He cares only for storms and other significant meteorological events. While below, common worker-bots scavenge daily to find scraps of power that will allow them to subsist in this increasingly savage environment. The Body, a growing robot-collective, is slowly taking over the canyons and oppressing all those that resist its will. Viewing any free power source as a threat, The Body, moves to enlist Kairos in its quest to destroy a mythic, sky-deity who has been benevolently restoring power to injured and disabled machines. Only Ophis, an insignificant and crippled worker-bot, stands in the path of this nefarious task. Will Kairos look beyond his own self-interests, or will he too kow-tow to the collective?

Series Overview: This is the second installment in a robot-themed series which tells the story exclusively through the eyes of machines. The works are interconnected but can stand on their own.


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