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“Mildred” – new tale of psychologcial suspense available FREE on 7/8/14

My new novelette of psychological suspense “Mildred” will be available in Kindle format for FREE at Amazon on 7/8/14:
SYNOPSIS: A diary, noises from the attic, a resident cat, and piles and piles and piles of boxes cast shadows over Josephine as she digs through her new home and discovers the disturbing circumstances surrounding her purchase of the place.


Promotional Video Trailer:


Mildred Coverart (final)

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Book Trailer for “Mildred” (psychological suspense) release 7/1/14

I am pleased to present the new book trailer for “Mildred” my new novelette of psychological suspense. The story will be available exclusively for Kindle at for a time and then eventually other outlets. Check out the video below:


Synopsis: A diary, noises from the attic, a resident cat, and piles and piles and piles of boxes cast shadows over Josephine as she digs through her new home and discovers the disturbing circumstances surrounding her purchase of the place.

Story: Ryan Sean O’Reilly (

Story Editing: Tammy Salyer (

Artwork: Daniel Gracey (

Music: John Doyle (

Video Editing: Craig Knit (Raging Roy)


Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

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Are ghosts real? Do houses have personalities?

Have you ever seen a ghost? Really seen one? Me, I’m not so sure. Once when I was very very young I saw a dark furry shape with a face floating above my bed. I can remember it looking down on me. I stood on my bed and tried to touch it, but couldn’t reach. Then I ran to my parent’s bedroom. They told me not to worry about it and go back to bed. Eventually I did and whatever I had seen was gone (though I remember it was still there the first time I ventured back). Who knows? It wasn’t traumatic or anything, but I still remember the experience.

Preliminary Sketch

Preliminary Sketch

There was another time, also sort of innocuous. I was living in a house with some friends, but working a midnight shift at this job I had so I had to sleep during the day. At least once, I remember sort of being half-asleep and hearing these footsteps walking around above me. Previous to living in this house, I had stayed in my parent’s basement for a few years so I was used to hearing noises above me. However, when I eventually woke more fully, I realized that the house I was currently staying in had no upstairs — only an attic. It was a curious thing and one or two other people who lived there with me said they had also heard footsteps from rooms where nobody was.

When my friend bought the house it was filled with tons and tons of junk. Bags of clothes, lots of furniture and boxes and boxes of products. There were numerous collections of things in amounts that nobody could reasonably keep. I had never seen so much stuff piled into one place. Whenever you move into some old house, you can’t help but wonder about the lives of the people who lived there before you. It must be some innate human characteristic that makes us want to learn about the past. Perhaps it relates to our oral traditions and story telling and gives us a certain perspective on life. Anyway, all this seemed like good fodder to plant some seeds in my brain with, and see if I couldn’t develop a fictional story out of it.

I made one early attempt at this in a sort of flash fiction version which I submitted to a writing class. Then it sat on my computer and gathered electronic dust. However the notion stuck with me, as good ideas tend to do. Some writers keep an “idea” journal and write down story ideas they come up with in flashes of inspiration to save for a rainy day. I do that sometimes. However, I believe Stephen King (and others) said that good ideas, the really good ones, will stay with you. Your mind won’t let you forget those. In any case, the elements of setting from my real life experience did keep bouncing around in my head. So when I got back into writing I decided I would take those ideas out and really work through them to come up with a more full story.

I thought about living in a house owned by a hoarder. What stories did such a house have? Who had lived there before and what was their life like? How does a house get so full of junk? What happens when the owner is gone, but the stuff remains? Then if you start to add in questions about the spirit world, things get even more interesting. Do houses have personalities?  Do owner’s shape a house’s spirit? Are our lives tied in with our homes or are they just dead material vessels where we dwell for a certain period of time? What is the difference between a “house” and a “home”. That one is really interesting. The word “home” is a very special word and sacred word. It implies not only a physical place, but a state of being. The archetype of the home is really an early concept where life is imbued into something that is seemingly not alive.

All interesting and classic tropes. So i set to it and put together another novelette to tie all these things together and give my particular take on them. Like my other fictional works outside fantasy and science fiction, this story gets more into the psychological suspense genres. I find it interesting to get inside people’s minds and uncover their motives and beliefs and a crises of conscious is usually pretty good way to do that. Even when the point of view for a story is only from a single person you can still read motives and beliefs from other characters through their actions and what they say (even when they are lying). So my next release is going to be about this. It’s a completely fictional tale, but a fun one.

Soundtrack In My Head: When I wrote this story I listened exclusively to Pink Floyd. The specific songs were: One of These Days, A Pillow of Winds, Fearless, and Echoes all off the Meddle album. I also listened to Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts 1 & 2 (Wish You Were Here) and Comfortably Numb (The Wall). Just the right mood for wiggling my fingers in between some loose boards I found separating the many plains of existence.

Talent: I’ve tapped into the old gang again. The compatriots in my writing group helped to vet this work (“The Southland Scribes) as they usually do. I also manged to get my ongoing cover artist Daniel Gracey (I’ve included a rough draft of the preliminary sketchwork for the cover above) to do some cover art, and Tammy Salyer for the editing. Lastly, Craig Knitt signed on once more to put together a promotional book trailer with John Doyle scoring a soundtrack. A professional group through and through. I’m very lucky to work with them.

Well, that’s all for now.

Stay tuned for more updates and the release of “Mildred” a tale of psychological suspense.



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Official Trailer and Book Release on Amazon

Official book trailer for my new science fiction short story: “The One Who Turned Them On (The Energy Scavengers II). Written by: Ryan Sean O’Reilly. Story available exclusively for Kindle at on 11/26/13:

Story Synopsis: “On a planet exclusively populated by alien robots, machines struggle to find purpose after abandonment by their creators. Kairos, the highly intelligent and massive weather-machine, monitors the world with cold academic curiosity atop of the great canyon system. He cares only for storms and other significant meteorological events. While below, common worker-bots scavenge daily to find scraps of power that will allow them to subsist in this increasingly savage environment. The Body, a growing robot-collective, is slowly taking over the canyons and oppressing all those that resist its will. Viewing any free power source as a threat, The Body, moves to enlist Kairos in its quest to destroy a mythic, sky-deity who has been benevolently restoring power to injured and disabled machines. Only Ophis, an insignificant and crippled worker-bot, stands in the path of this nefarious task. Will Kairos look beyond his own self-interests, or will he too kow-tow to the collective?”

Series Overview: This is the second installment in my robot-themed series, which tells the story exclusively through the eyes of machines. The works are interconnected but can stand on their own. As of this writing, the first story “The Energy Scavengers” was free and available for download at major online retailers:, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and

More info at:

Video work and editing by: Craig Knit (Out of Whack Productions)
Cover art and drawings by: Daniel Gracey (G2 Comics)
Music by: John Doyle (I Decline)

As an aside I’d also like to give praise and thanks to those helping me with my promotional efforts: William O’Reilly, Linda O’Reilly, and Heather Mehl. Also, many thanks to Tony Andros for always keeping an ear out for me in the world of Public Libraries. And last, but certainly not least, I want to thank my professional and speedy editor Tammy Salyer. Thanks!

So, fingers crossed for a successful release tomorrow!


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Official trailer and FREE day at Amazon on 6/1/13 for “Overtime in the Woods”

Official book trailer for the suspenseful novelette: “Overtime in the Woods”. Written by: Ryan Sean O’Reilly. Story available FREE at on 6/1/13 & 6/4/13:

Synopsis: “Private Investigator, Rich Lacey, is hired to get incriminating evidence against a man fraudulently collecting insurance money on a worker’s compensation claim. Rufus Stamford’s case leads Lacey deep into the backwoods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where Stamford has been setting up a new life for himself. Everything goes fine until Lacey suspiciously develops a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere, forcing him to get Stamford’s help. The two end up spending the evening together, where Lacey hears the other side of the story. Suddenly, Lacey finds himself in the unusual position of weighing out the morals of his profession.”

More info at:

Video work and editing by: Craig Knit (Out of Whack Productions)
Cover art and drawings by: Daniel Gracey (G2 Comics)
Music by: John Doyle (I Decline)

-As an aside I’d also like to give a shout out and heartfelt thanks especially to Heather Mehl, Dana O’Neill, and Mathew O’Reilly who have helped me greatly in my past promotional efforts. It’s hard to get the word out about your work, but their assistance has made it easier. Thanks again guys!


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Official Book Trailer and FREE day on Amazon 10/16/12 for “Curious Anomalies”

Here is the official book trailer for the science fiction novelette: “Curious Anomalies”. Written by: Ryan Sean O’Reilly. To celebrate this short story will be available FREE for Kindle on 10/16/12 at

Synopsis: “Rick Silvano, an anxious young geneticist, has gotten himself entangled with a violent, South American, drug-lord named Diego Peres. Rick’s talents have been enlisted by Peres to create genetically enhanced watchdogs, by combining common moustache bats with Africanized honeybees. Everything has gone smoothly for the last three years until now, the night before Peres is due to inspect his investment. Clive Pinkerman, who hosts a late-night, radio conspiracy show, announces on-air that he is going to break into the genetic laboratory to uncover a massive alien conspiracy he believes is housed there. Suddenly, Rick must juggle his time between stopping Clive, and making sure the experiment works so that the temperamental Peres will not be displeased.”

More info at:

Video work and editing by: Craig Knit (Out of Whack Productions)
Cover art and drawings by: Daniel Gracey (G2 Comics)
Music by: John Doyle (I Decline) and John E. Bomher (Horse-Drawn Productions)


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The Energy Scavengers – Official Book Trailer (story available FREE on 5/23/12 and 5/27/12)

Official book trailer for the Science Fiction novelette: “The Energy Scavengers”. Written by: Ryan Sean O’Reilly. In conjunction with the release of my book trailer the story will be available for FREE on Amazon on 5/23/12 and 5/27/12. Get the story here:

Synopsis: “When mankind reaches far out into the universe to find other life forms it may first find machines. A string of planets on the outer edges of the Milky Way contain the mechanical workers of an ancient alien civilization. Calvin an exploratory rover coupled with Nutshell his landing ship, are sent to discover what it is that all these machines are still doing–now that they’ve been abandoned by their owners. First contact comes not by hand of man, but by metal of machine.”

Videowork, animation and editing by: Craig Knit (Out of Whack Productions)

Cover Art and drawings by: Daniel Gracey (G2 Comics)

Music by: I Decline (


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