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Two for the Price of None – FREE Scifi

Get my robot SciFi shorts FREE on 1/1/14 The Energy Scavengers and The One Who Turned Them On at

I’m running a promotion for new Science Fiction short “The One Who Turned Them On” the second installment in The Energy Scavengers Series. Coincidentally, Amazon is price-matching the first installment “The Energy Scavengers” for free as well. Now you can get both stories for nothing! Download and enjoy.

“The One Who Turned Them On” (Energy Scavengers II)

Synopsis: On a planet exclusively populated by alien robots, machines struggle to find purpose after abandonment by their creators. Kairos, the highly intelligent and massive weather-machine, monitors the world with cold academic curiosity atop of the great canyon system. He cares only for storms and other significant meteorological events. While below, common worker-bots scavenge daily to find scraps of power that will allow them to subsist in this increasingly savage environment. The Body, a growing robot-collective, is slowly taking over the canyons and oppressing all those that resist its will. Viewing any free power source as a threat, The Body, moves to enlist Kairos in its quest to destroy a mythic, sky-deity who has been benevolently restoring power to injured and disabled machines. Only Ophis, an insignificant and crippled worker-bot, stands in the path of this nefarious task. Will Kairos look beyond his own self-interests, or will he too kow-tow to the collective?

Series Overview: This is the second installment in a robot-themed series which tells the story exclusively through the eyes of machines. The works are interconnected but can stand on their own.


“The Energy Scavengers” (Energy Scavengers I)

Synopsis: When mankind reaches far out into the universe to find other life forms it may first find machines. A string of planets on the outer edges of the Milky Way contain the mechanical workers of an ancient alien civilization. Calvin, an exploratory rover coupled with, Nutshell, his landing ship, are sent to discover what all these machines are still doing–now that they’ve been abandoned by their alien owners. First contact comes not by hand of man, but by metal of machine.



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Official trailer and FREE day at Amazon on 6/1/13 for “Overtime in the Woods”

Official book trailer for the suspenseful novelette: “Overtime in the Woods”. Written by: Ryan Sean O’Reilly. Story available FREE at on 6/1/13 & 6/4/13:

Synopsis: “Private Investigator, Rich Lacey, is hired to get incriminating evidence against a man fraudulently collecting insurance money on a worker’s compensation claim. Rufus Stamford’s case leads Lacey deep into the backwoods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where Stamford has been setting up a new life for himself. Everything goes fine until Lacey suspiciously develops a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere, forcing him to get Stamford’s help. The two end up spending the evening together, where Lacey hears the other side of the story. Suddenly, Lacey finds himself in the unusual position of weighing out the morals of his profession.”

More info at:

Video work and editing by: Craig Knit (Out of Whack Productions)
Cover art and drawings by: Daniel Gracey (G2 Comics)
Music by: John Doyle (I Decline)

-As an aside I’d also like to give a shout out and heartfelt thanks especially to Heather Mehl, Dana O’Neill, and Mathew O’Reilly who have helped me greatly in my past promotional efforts. It’s hard to get the word out about your work, but their assistance has made it easier. Thanks again guys!


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Inspirations for “Curious Anomalies”

Some years ago I wrote a science fiction story titled “Curious Anomalies.” The story has a sort of classic mad scientist scifi/horror feel.

Curious Anomalies - early lab layout

early lab layout

Synopsis: “Rick Silvano, an anxious young geneticist, has gotten himself entangled with a violent, South American, drug-lord named Diego Peres. Rick’s talents have been enlisted by Peres to create genetically enhanced watchdogs, by combining common moustache bats with Africanized honeybees. Everything has gone smoothly for the last three years until now, the night before Peres is due to inspect his investment. Clive Pinkerman, who hosts a late-night, radio conspiracy show, announces on-air that he is going to break into the genetic laboratory to uncover a massive alien conspiracy he believes is housed there. Suddenly, Rick must juggle his time between stopping Clive, and making sure the experiment works so that the temperamental Peres will not be displeased.”At the time I wrote this story I was employed doing delivery work for a medical laboratory. After reading a story about the future of genetics I got inspired to write something. The article mentioned making all these crazy hybrids, like crossing a silkworm with a goat so that silk production could take place in the goats milk sac at an increased rate. Real Interesting stuff. Well, that got my mind wandering.

I came up with the idea of crossing bees with bats. Why I decided on that combination I can’t remember. I have always had a fascination with nature, and bee keeping is something I’m always curious about. Bats are also interesting creatures. Brown bats are common where I grew up. At dusk you could throw wood chips in the air and watch the bats dive bomb them using their echo-location capabilities. Once, when I was young, I found a pair of young bats clinging to their recently deceased mother on the side of the road. I coaxed them onto a stick and took them home and kept them in a box. My siblings and I hid them from my parents, but unfortunately they died overnight…

In any case, I got the idea of having this “bat-bee” cross, but needed a story to explain why it existed. I centered the story around a laboratory hidden deep in the woods, which was being funded by an eccentric South American drug lord. I saw the drug lord as the patron of this scientist who created the bat-bees. He wanted them as an alternative to guard dogs which were no longer working out for him.

Another inspiration came from the radio. At some point I worked the midnight shift at my delivery job. I got to listening to talk radio and was turned on to Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM show. If your familiar with the show then you know a lot of it centers around aliens, flying saucers and all things strange. So, while working on the story I added a similar style call-in show as an element to drive the tension.

All these things came together to form a sort of classic mad scientist science fiction/horror story. It’s a straight-forward sort of story but I think it delivers and does what I intended it to do. It also wraps up much more neatly than a lot of my other stories.

Since I wrote the story so long ago I can’t remember what music I was listening to at the time. That being said, I can say that while editing it recently I listened to the album “Hisingen Blues” by the band Graveyard. all the songs on that album are awesome. Some of my favorites are: “The Siren,” “Ain’t Fit to Live Here,” “Hsingen Blues,” “Longing,” and “Uncomfortably Numb.”

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