Review: “Never Let Me Go” – Mark Romanek

26 Feb
Review: “Never Let Me Go” – Mark Romanek

New podcast film review episode !

No Deodorant In Outer Space - podcast


S4E2M – Never Let Me Go (movie)*


Wherein Dan Gonzalez and Margret O’Reilly rejoined me late at night from a Chicago skyscraper to explore this faithful and tonally similar adaptation of the book. Our conversation pointed out how the movie was uniquely subtle from a sci-fi perspective, and yet more revealing and advantageous for grounding the viewer in the setting and world. We also recognized that the film focused more on the “love-triangle” aspect of the book, but couldn’t quite decide on why. Margret was particularly impressed with the Japanese aesthetics the director incorporated into the film, which complimented the narrative well. The meaning of the title was explored as well as a few of the more obvious differences between the two works–in particular we discussed the changes in the scene from which the title originated. Ryan and Margret got into the existential dilemmas of clones…

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