Review: “Altered States” – Ken Russell

23 Jan
Review: “Altered States” – Ken Russell

New podcast movie review!

No Deodorant In Outer Space - podcast


S4E1M – Altered States (movie)*


Wilk's Demands - Click to EnlargeWherein Wilk regaled us with his silly demands to his family regarding a vacation they were all to take together. Dustin and Wilk both mentioned how this movie was something they had heard about for many years and were looking forward to finally check out. Although Dustin thought the “volcano wife” was humorous and Ryan laughed at the “hobbit feet” in the film, we were overall impressed with the various special effects and production elements of this film. Infamous incidents of tension and drama between the author (who also wrote the screenplay) and the director (whom never worked in Hollywood again after this) were also discussed by the group. The ending struck us as abrupt, but everyone generally everyone felt the film was a much better adaptation of the underlying story than the book itself and a worthwhile watch over a reading…

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