Review: “The Devil Rides Out” – Dennis Wheatley

17 Jan

New podcast episode (with video) !

No Deodorant In Outer Space - podcast


S3E11B – The Devil Rides Out (book)* 

*** This episode was also filmed live in High Definition with the help of our special guest, Dole. So if you wish to see the fireplace crackling in the background and watch us slog down make-shift snifters of dark craft brewery while Wilk rants on a tiny monitor via Skype–click the video below or visit our YouTube channel. ***



This month I had Ryan and Dole over to record. They are great guests. I estimate they brought in $150 worth of craft beer. First time I ever tried the “Dark Lord,” from 3 Floyds Brewing Co.. It was aged a few years and bottle 175 of 800, or something like that. Very special, so much so, I was compelled to ceremoniously place my goat statue on the mantelpiece for the evening’s events. If only my Wiccan cloaks…

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