Review: “The Hellbound Heart (1986)” by Clive Barker

18 Oct
Review: “The Hellbound Heart (1986)” by Clive Barker

New podcast episode!

No Deodorant In Outer Space - podcast


S3E8B – The Hellbound Heart(book)*


Prior to this recording, Ryan, Beam, and I danced and frolicked in a pentagram of fire deep in the Illinois woods with aching hopes to summon the Cenobite priests from the netherworld. With eyes rolled back, Ryan drooled on our sacrifice as he mumbled sacred text from ancient alien scripts. At the conclusion of Ryan’s prayer, Beam pulled a lever actuating tension to the hooks surgically fastened deep within the creature. The moment the animal was devoured, we felt the presence of Wilk and Laura and commenced to record a podcast about Clive Barker’s “Hellbound Heart” that transformed and enhanced our Earthly senses and perspectives.



Book: “The Hellbound Heart (1986)” by Clive Barker

Ryan:3 1/2 Stars “… A carnal visage of thrill-based plotting that is both fast and to the point…that being the tip of…

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