Review: “Lathe of Heaven” – Ursula K. Le Guin

20 Sep
Review: “Lathe of Heaven” – Ursula K. Le Guin

New podcast episode!

No Deodorant In Outer Space - podcast


S3E7B – Lathe of Heaven(book)*


Three intrepid men journeyed to the depths of what they thought their friendships could tolerate and came up with the unthinkable: a consensus of the willing.

We read and discussed the “Lathe of Heaven.” It was a surprisingly uncontroversial show in that all three hosts actually agreed that it was a good book, enjoyed it, and kept personal attacks to a minimum. And by minimum we mean three.

The controversy tied to Dave Wilkinson’s courageous stand against the tyranny ofRick and Ryan was discussed briefly, and he accepted their non-apologies. A brief discussion of the author delved into her other works mostly. She has kept her private-life private and we did not seek to violate that. Yet.

The actual book itself was well received by everyone, as stated above. While each host had a slightly different take on the role of…

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