Review: “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman and “Coraline” by Henry Selick (Dakota Fanning)

02 Dec

New Podcast Episode!

No Deodorant In Outer Space - podcast

October Review – Episode Ten


Listen to the podcast here (click to play/right click and select “save target as” to download):

Episode Ten – Coraline (book/movie)*


Ryan: 4 Stars “…Broad brush strokes paint a deliciously dark fairy tale (through the brick wall)…

Wilk: 5 Stars “…The imagery and words pounded my mind like a brilliant symphony played by an undead orchestra…

Rick: 3 Stars “…A poor girl named Coraline is ignored all the time by her parents…

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“Coraline (young adult)” by Neil Gaiman

Book: “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman

“‘Coraline discovered the door a little while after they moved into the house. . . .’

When Coraline steps through a door to find another house strangely similar to her own (only better), things seem marvelous.

But there’s…

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