Great reviews for “Overtime in the Woods” – FREE on 7/16/13 @ Amazon

14 Jul

Since my suspenseful short story is receiving great reviews on Amazon, I’m going to make it free on 7/16/13. The story is available here:

This is my third release and I appreciate all the feedback from people and the hundreds of downloads I’ve received so far. Check out a few quotes from Amazon reviewers:

“A MATTER OF CHOICES…Well crafted suspense here and much food for thought…The author builds this feeling; a feeling of the unknown and implied “bad things could happen,” very skillfully. It is also a story of choices; of doing the right thing after all the facts are known and is everything as it seems?…But I tell you truthfully, this young writer most certainly has the potential and I suspect that we will be hearing much from him on down the road….” – Don Blankenship (Hall of Fame, Top 50 Reviewer, Vine Voice –

"Overtime in the Woods"“A creepy backwoods thriller…4 1/2 Stars…well written with a accomplished sense of pace and timing…Overall, an enjoyable short thriller, well written….” – Ray Nicholson (Top 1000 Reviewer –

“Quirky with a touch of Fraughtness…On the strength of this though I may just be tempted to look at the other short stories put out by this author which can be seen here or here…” –Tom Stronach (

“Thought-provoking dilemma…The unexpected moral quandary in which Investigator Lacey finds himself is richly nuanced and nicely presented in this little novella which ends on a “The Lady, or the Tiger?” note.” – Judith Paley (Vine Voice,

“Striking and effective…It’s a gripping and suspenseful read that I easily swallowed in one quick read on a long bus ride, and I was compltely engulfed by it throughout. O’Reilly does a masterful job with pacing and building up suspense…it’s this perfect build-up and constant feeling of unease and dread that makes it a very engaging and effective read; it keeps the reader intrigued throughout, and then leaves them with some very interesting questions about the moral implications it raises. A very solid story by a promising young author…” – Itamar Katz (

“Very enjoyable short story…This is a well-written suspenseful tale that captures the reader’s interest from page one and holds it throughout the entire reading…” – Israel Drazin (Top 1000 Reviewer, Vine Voice,

“Short, enjoyable story…Moral values are in question when an investigator attempts to collect evidence of fraud. When the target and the investigator meet, a choice must be made. I was interested in the story and the characters although I have never been a big fan of short stories. I always want more information. I would recommend this story as a quick read.” – Debra Miller (

Thanks to all!


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2 responses to “Great reviews for “Overtime in the Woods” – FREE on 7/16/13 @ Amazon

  1. jeannemeeks

    July 14, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    Those are good reviews! Congratulations.

    I’m working on a cover now for a short story, “Eternally Yours, Robert” which I think I’ll upload to Amazon in the next day or two. You’re a better marketer than I am, so wish me luck.


    • Ryan Sean O'Reilly

      July 14, 2013 at 5:15 pm

      I wish you all the luck! You’re a solid writer!! Just get the word out before you release it.


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