Painting of the cover art for “Overtime in the Woods” and musical influence

27 May

My new short story is going to be a work of suspenseful drama called “Overtime in the Woods.”"Overtime in the Woods"

Synopsis: “Private Investigator, Rich Lacey, is hired to get incriminating evidence against a man fraudulently collecting insurance money on a worker’s compensation claim. Rufus Stamford’s case leads Lacey deep into the backwoods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where Stamford has been setting up a new life for himself. Everything goes fine until Lacey suspiciously develops a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere, forcing him to get Stamford’s help. The two end up spending the evening together, where Lacey hears the other side of the story. Suddenly, Lacey finds himself in the unusual position of weighing out the morals of his profession.”

Daniel Gracey completed the cover art for my story. Here is a video of the process with music by I Decline (the song is “Dinoryde”):

Musical Influences for the Story: While writing this story I listened almost exclusively to the band: Explosions in the Sky. More specifically I listened to the following songs off various albums by them: “Welcome, Ghosts”; “Your Hand in Mine”; “A Song for Our Fathers”; and “Yasmin The Light.” I watched a public television performance by them and was blown away by their intense performance so I downloaded some music. Their songs really helped keep my emotions running strong while I wrote this story. They are an entirely instrumental band, and even though their songs have no words you still feel a story flowing through the music. Check em out.

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One response to “Painting of the cover art for “Overtime in the Woods” and musical influence

  1. jeannemeeks

    May 28, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Love the cover, Ryan, and enjoyed watching it being produced!


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