THE ENERGY SCAVENGERS surges to Top 50 FREE on Amazon & new website review

07 Nov

Amazon is currently doing a price-match giveaway for “The Energy Scavengers”.

Top 50 FREE Short Stories on Amazon

Top 50 FREE Short Stories on Amazon

In the short time it has been FREE again, my scifi short story about robots has surged up into the Top 50 position for FREE Short Stories on Amazon. Check out the Screen shot here.


To get your FREE copy for Kindle go to this link:


Barnes and Noble also has this story FREE for Nook. Click here:


In other news, there has been some recent web buzz about “The Energy Scavengers”.

Fellow author Lawrence BoarerPitchford (a name you won’t soon forget) gave “The Energy Scavengers” a favorable review on his blog: “I was delighted to see that O’Reilly chose an interesting story line and character, as appose to the typical space hero and heroine format. This made the story attractive to me, since it was so different from anything I’d read of late.” Check out the full article here:

Lawrence writes stories in the fantasy, science fiction, horror, and historical fiction genres such as as his Roman-themed story: Thadius.

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