The Energy Scavengers – Official Book Trailer (story available FREE on 5/23/12 and 5/27/12)

20 May

Official book trailer for the Science Fiction novelette: “The Energy Scavengers”. Written by: Ryan Sean O’Reilly. In conjunction with the release of my book trailer the story will be available for FREE on Amazon on 5/23/12 and 5/27/12. Get the story here:

Synopsis: “When mankind reaches far out into the universe to find other life forms it may first find machines. A string of planets on the outer edges of the Milky Way contain the mechanical workers of an ancient alien civilization. Calvin an exploratory rover coupled with Nutshell his landing ship, are sent to discover what it is that all these machines are still doing–now that they’ve been abandoned by their owners. First contact comes not by hand of man, but by metal of machine.”

Videowork, animation and editing by: Craig Knit (Out of Whack Productions)

Cover Art and drawings by: Daniel Gracey (G2 Comics)

Music by: I Decline (


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